The First Mumei Writing Prompt Challenge

Here's the rules. Read the prompt, write about it. That's all. You can write it in whatever format you want (greentext, paragraph) and whatever length you want. You're not even limited to writing! It's fine to submit mspaint art for it, or anything creative you can think off. The limit: you are only given 24 hours before we move to the next prompt. At around the same time tomorrow I will post a new prompt (20:00-21:00 UTC). This will go on until Mumei's return, so don't be afraid to start writing! And in the end, we'll compile everything in one document to keep.

Don't be afraid to start! And don't forget to have fun! If you do want to write for a previous prompt, it's also okay, just indicate it so.

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Day 1

Prompt: During one of Mumei's many travels, she finds a village where everyone's asleep. There isn't any signs of struggle, nor is there any sign of weird magic around.

Entry 1

>be Mumei
>go to a village
>everyone's asleep
>be crept out and leave village to its own fate
>"I will never visit that village again"

Entry 2

>be Mumei
>be leading a warband
>go to a village
>everyone's sleeping
>"The village looks very rich and prosperous. The fields and orchards are humming with activity, with freshly dug irrigation ditches suggest that the farmers have enough spare time and energy to expand area under cultivation. Seasonal laborers appear to be flocking here to help with the work and join in the general prosperity."
>signal your warband to start looting the stockpiles and grab any available products
>after everything's been collected, tell your men to set the buildings ablaze
>*insert nightmare face here*
>the asleep villagers wake up to the crackles of wood burning
>they start running and fleeing in panic and can't do shit about what's even happening
>"The village has been looted. A handful of souls scatter as you pass through the burnt out houses."
>you collect your well-earned loot and move on to find more villages to pillage

Entry 3

>The town was eerily quiet. The traveller would have easily passed it for a ghost town were it not for the lampposts having been lit on, and the fresh carriage tracks and boot prints in the mud.
>The wandering girl had arrived at night, much later than she would have liked to, but she had run into some troubles on her way and now needed to seek shelter until the dawn.
>The stillness of the village made her uneasy as she walked through it. There was no sign of anyone through the houses’ windows. She would have known if the townsfolk had died, she could sense those things happening, and there was no scent of magic in the air.
>The traveller stopped at what appeared to be an inn. She knocked at first, and waited for someone to answer. When no one came for the door, a second set of knocks, but still there was no answer.
>She walked over to another house and tried again. Nothing. The girl decided to investigate.
>The door was locked, however, during her time as a traveller, she had picked up a few lock-picking tricks. It stood no chance against her and in a few seconds the door was opened.
>The girl walked inside. In the lantern light, she could see that a dinner had just been eaten, she could even still smell it.
>The girl walked further inside. She could hear bed creaks coming from one of the rooms, and as she approached, she could distinguish the sound of breathing.
>She opened the door to the bedroom. There, a man was laying, sleeping. She gently shook him awake, to ask for information.
>The man slowly arose. His eyes flickered open a few times, and suddenly, as he saw the traveller, a look of horror and confusion washed over his face.
>“N-no, w-what, who, why, why, WHY”
>He was overcome with despair, angrily crying and shouting at the girl.
>But just as suddenly he froze. He wasn’t looking at the girl anymore, but rather, behind her.
>“No, please wait, it’s not my fault, please, please, please forgive me” he pleaded.
>The girl looked behind her. Standing next to the doorframe were a dozen hooded figures, clad in black robes, holding an ancient-looking book.
>The girl drew the short sword she kept at her belt.
>The shadows started chanting in unison.
>The man’s crying subsided until eventually he was no more than a puddle of purple goo on his bed.
>The figures disappeared back into the darkness, where they had silently come from.
>The girl had just looked at what had happened.
>After all, it was her duty to observe you see.
>She knew there were beings far more powerful than her. Beings that should not be trifled with.
>“Man, today really isn’t my day” she thought, as she set off to another town.

Day 2

Prompt: While traveling through a dense forest, Mumei finds an abandoned shack. The places is a mess, as if ransacked by a storm. Sword slashes and splashes on blood litter the walls and floor, and the smell of iron is heavy in the air. Yet, there isn't any corpses around. Amidst the mess, there is one wooden table, neat and tidy. a tablecloth gently covers it, and on it is a glass bottle filled with a clear liquid as well as a basket of blueberries.

Entry 1

>be Mumei
>pass through a forest
>find a shack
>signs of fighting but no one inside
>there's some food and drink on a table
>be crept out and leave shack to its own fate
>"I will never visit that forest again"

Entry 2

>the owl passed through the forest silently, yet quickly, as if there was something lurking within
>she knew not what was inside, but her senses alerted her to something... lurking, almost stalking her
>her heart started racing, and she started running with no regard to what was inside the forest anymore, she simply wanted out
>eventually, she came upon an old shack, perhaps decades in age
>the shack's door was open, so in order to escape from what was stalking her, she went inside
>the scene inside was gruesome
>blood splattered all over the walls, dried and yet smelling of the horrific smell that awaited any dead body
>broken furniture, clearly smashed by something - something strong, which could even destroy iron frames
>yet there was one thing standing, a table
>a simple one, almost primitive in nature, standing in the middle of the room
>a white tablecloth, not stained with anything, covered the table
>on top of the tablecloth, berries, and a strange clear liquid
>the owl felt terror
>she knew that this table was ominous somehow, not right, but she was strangely drawn to the liquid
>she snapped herself out of it, grabbed the berries, and ran
>she eventually made it out of the forest, never to return
>she always wondered though, in the hours between being awake and sleeping, what that liquid had contained
>it was a tantalizing mystery, and sometimes she cursed herself for not drinking it when she had the chance
>as for the thing chasing her, well, that's a story for another day

Day 3

Prompt: Mumei trips on snow.

Entry 1

>be Mumei
>walk on snow
>trip on snow
>get shivers
>"I will never walk on snow again"

Entry 2

>be Mumei
>starving even
>stalking a small deer
>sees you
>breaks into a sprint
>proceed to jump around in the trees
>about to catch the deer